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Tiger Steam - On Line

Over 10 years ago we released 'Tiger Steam' to celebrate the steam locomotive power of South East Asia (with the exception of Indonesia). Full details are available elsewhere on this site.

I have now uploaded a sample conversion to HTML format from the CD, being the entire section covering Thailand 

Nothing comes free in this life, I have mildly degraded the images and added a slight watermark to discourage large scale piracy.

For most visitors to the site, I guess that will be enough. For a few I hope it will encourage them to buy the full product which at 6 for a download is hardly a fortune. No watermarks!

It costs real money to run this upload and real time for me to do the conversion. If the advertising revenue raised by it is sufficient I will convert further sections and afterwards maybe I will do the twin African CDs (Safari Steam).

Compared to the original text, I have done no more than correct a couple of typos. Necessarily, some of the information on the static preserved locomotives is out of date, particularly that which refers to the locomotives at the former museum at Chatuchak Park. 

 Tiger Steam - On Line

1. Once running, click on the links or thumbnails for each section.

2. Click on an image for a larger version, click again to return to the initial page.

3. Click on the ">" and "<" buttons to progress through each section.

Please maximise your browser window which needs a screen of 
1024 * 768 pixels
or better for comfortable viewing of the larger images.

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Rob Dickinson